Paytm Fastag Recharge

How to get Paytm Fastag? Paytm FASTag Price & Recharge

What is FASTag?

Fastag is essentially a tech enables sticker which can be pasted on the front mirror of your vehicle. It will authorize the user’s vehicle to go through any toll plaza without stopping there. It utilizes the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for making the toll payments. This process will not only transform the whole procedure easier and simpler but also it will definitely reduce the traffic jams near the toll plazas which will assist in saving of fuel of the user.  

The validity of the Fastag is 5 years, and once the customer has purchased it, he simply needs to assure that the Fastag must contain the minimum balance in it. It can be interlinked with your Paytm number or Paytm wallet.

How to get Paytm FASTag 

Following is the detailed procedure of how you can get the Paytm Fastag -:

  • Visit the official website of Paytm Fastag at  
  • On the page, look out for the Buy option and click the Buy option on the page. 
  • Then a new page will open and in which you must Log-In into your Paytm account with your registered mobile number and password.
  • After that, make sure that you fill out the required information like providing your vehicle registration number in the form which appears in front of you.
  • Now upload the front page of your Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC). Make sure that the size of the uploading image is less than 2MB.
  • After the successful completion of the details and documentation, you will be provided with Paytm Fastag, and that will be delivered to your address.
  • When your Fastag is activated, then make sure that you surely add money to your Paytm wallet so that at the toll plaza, deduction of a toll can deduct automatically. 

Paytm FASTag Price Details

The price details of the Paytm FASTag is Rs.500 (inclusive of all taxes). The details of the price break up for the Fastag is specified below for better understanding -: 

  • One-time security deposit – Rs.250 
  • FasTag price – Rs.100 
  • Threshold amount in Fastag – Rs.150  

Various Features and Benefits of Paytm FASTag

Following are the numerous benefits and features of the Paytm Fastag-:

  • Paytm FASTag enables you to execute the automatic cashless transactions at all the toll plazas on National Highways without depending upon the cash. 
  • As it assists the instant toll payments at the toll plaza, moreover you can also save your valuable time and fuel, which diversely gets wasted when you are standing long idle lines at the toll plaza. 
  • Another benefit by paying through the Paytm Fastag Wallet is that you will get 2.5% cashback on every transaction, which is done from your Paytm Fastag at NHAI toll plazas into your paytm. You will get cashback on a monthly basis in your paytm account. 
  • A Paytm FASTag can be used only for one vehicle. If you have two vehicles or a fleet, you must get separate FASTags for each of them for smooth operation. 
  • From 1st December 2019, you can use Fastag at all lanes in toll plaza as currently there are only dedicated lanes for the usage of Fastag.
  • To have this facility, you must have Paytm Wallet, and Fastag Wallet will be generated as a sub  wallet under your Paytm wallet
  • You can recharge your Paytm Fastag account through Paytm wallet, or you can keep money in Paytm Wallet, and it will get automatically recharged, as default amount which is kept in Fastag wallet is RS 150/- when this default amount is deducted on toll plaza this will automatically be recharged from your Paytm Wallet.

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